Mission Statement

The purpose of this organization is to instill and develop leadership, social, and service qualities while developing lasting relationships among our members.


FEST is a new STEM FLO consisting of 3 executives, 10 directors ,and 40 freshmen members. Our purpose at FEST is to create events that instill academic, social and service qualities into our members while developing a community of STEM focused freshmen at Texas A&M. 

Why join FEST?

FEST (Freshmen in Engineering, Science, and Technology) is a FLO (Freshman Leadership Organization) that is dedicated to developing freshmen STEM majors into the future leaders on and off-campus at Texas A&M University. FEST’s mission is to build a community of STEM majors that have a passion for personal development in areas of leadership, professionalism, and in service. FEST fosters an environment for freshmen to grow quickly as leaders, build their network, and become well-rounded STEM students early on in their college career. FEST is committed to bringing its freshmen members opportunities for hands-on experience in organizing, planning, and running events while forming lasting relationships with their peers. Whether it is through leadership in hosting a biotech company for a speaking event, organizing a service trip to Brazos County food bank, or having a blast during spring retreat, FEST offers countless opportunities for all-around personal growth and development for its freshmen members.

What makes Fest Unique?

FEST is unique in the way that our freshmen members gain hands-on experience from the organization. FEST prides itself on getting their freshmen members involved early on in the process of setting up social, service and professional events. This allows freshmen to grow their leadership skills so that they can use them to create their own events later in the fall and in the spring. FEST doesn’t settle for the same events every year but instead pushes their freshmen to make their mark on the organization by creating new and innovative ways to grow their fellow members and the organization. This is done by allowing members in FEST to handle the development, planning and execution of FEST events that are unique to each incoming FEST class. A member in FEST will come out of the year having had the ability to leave their unique mark at Texas A&M and will leave with memories and relationships from FEST that will last beyond a freshmen’s time within the organization.

FEST Constitution

Below is a link to FEST's constitution and is the contract that all members and staff of the organization are expected to abide by throughout their membership in the organization.

FEST Founding Fathers:

 Blake, Oliver, Peter, and Chris

at Franklin BBQ in Austin, TX

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